True or False

Here we go again……
True? OR False?

Yes! We are going back to Spain!
Yes! We are walking the Camino Santiago!
No! We are not walking the same trail. We are walking El’ Norte
No! It is not just Daisy and I
Yes! It is myself, Daisy, Linden and Alan
No! We are not in shape, though Linden might think he is.
Yes it is going to be a to totally different experience!
Yes! I’m a lot nervous and excited!

What makes this so different?
A year in Daisy’s life going from age twelve to thirteen is young person teen body to grown up teen body and sassy personality to boot.
Linden who is seventeen is about ready to be launched out into the wonders of the universe somewhere. Luckily he is a good tracker. He won’t get to lost. Linden completed his junior year in public school on Maui and will spend his senior year at The Bali Green School. From there, who knows what’s next. Maybe home, maybe college, maybe something else crazy fun or at least engaging. At any rate Linden is transitioning toward adult independence.
Alan, my honey for 21 years still not married, amazing grower of green growing vegetables, owner of Aloha FoodScapes here on Maui is ready for adventures, stretching his body tall, walking off exhaustion of work and responsibilities and regaining that big warm hearty smile. Actually, Alan always has that smile. I think of him as “he who smiles through life”. Except for when he gets depressed, or his critic needs to have its turn to make a statement, Alan smiles.

Then there is me, mom. A very good grower of green growing things, I might add, and crazy fun dancer to boot! Last year, on the final stretches of the Camino they came. Hot Flashes! “Wow!”, I thought. “Not so bad!” Actually they aren’t all that bad. It is the other stuff that comes with the hot flashes that surprise, stupefies, physically renders me into this strange exhaustion and emotional morphing into a temperamental blob. I decided that menopause is more like butterfly melt down. I’m certainly not in a cacoon to become a butterfly. No my wings are dropping. Maybe I am morphing into something like an adult termite. Something that can eat wood. Yes, I probably could take a house down. That’s me.

How did this all come about? To go back to Spain? Well that is another story. Nothing brilliant or financially logical or anything. That’s the part I love. More later.

We’re going. Some how we found cheap tickets from Maui to Stockholm Sweeden. everything else was twice the cost. We will fly from Stockholm to Barritz on the South coast of France near the Spain Border, and bus to Irun Spain, find the church where we register and obtain pilgrim passports and begin.

The North Coast pilgrim trail, El Norte is apparently less populated with pilgrims. It looks like the cost of pilgrim alburgees vary in price and that generally from the bits of sleuthing through guidebooks, Internet, and Camino blog sites the coastal route appears to be a tad more expensive than the main Camino route. Simple. Camp! We bought great ultralight gear that packs so small you barely know its there. We will camp as part of our fun crazy adventures. Linden and Daisy have their own ultralight under a pound tents with their sleeping bag that weighs in ounces, warm waterproof and groovy. Privacy. Yes we might even like it better some of the time, and that’s the plan, to camp some of the time takes the price down for the whole of the time. We will see what happens, or if it even works. If not we Alburgee it and send stuff forward to Ivar Revke, the Camino post office storage locker. Ivar offers a fabulous service to all us folks who would otherwise have to send stuff through political borders making shipping costs crazy expensive. Ivar stores your stuff for a cost and then we can pick it up when we arrive in Santiago. That’s the other thing. You send stuff to Ivar you have to make it to Santiago to get it! No giving up!

Speaking of those words, Last year I had a determination, a kind of knowing and wanting to make it. This year, it is foreboding. I know the mental and physical work involved in walking long distances. My butterfly wings are gone and what calls me is that I know I want to be there. On the Camino. I don’t want to be anywhere else now that I know we’re going. It is like I could sit down on that trail and allow the trail to take me. I don’t even know what that means. That power strength I had just a year ago is not the force I am moving with right now. I no longer have a need to heal from some old wounds that rendered my spirit hurt angry, betrayed and frozen just a few years ago. I think that I will be moving into the unknown meanings and understandings of what I think might be the stuff of grace, or of undoing…..

Either way, our family travels pretty well together. Our humor, slightly morbid, adventurous eaters, can put up with being uncomfortable comfortably, can appreciate comfort, cleanliness and curiosity. I haven’t a clue as to what to expect. But there is one thing I know. We will laugh.M

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