Map of Spain

We are walking the Northern Coast Trail from Irun to Santiago. About 870 Kilometers. If there is time we will walk to the west coast to a place called the end of the world.

3 thoughts on “Map of Spain


    Looks amazing, all is well here, did you see the post of the bee hive that came into the outdoor bathroom, we transferred them into a bee box. So happy for you all 🙂 Love, Shelly xo

    1. kelleyjanes Post author

      Yeah for the bees! We have a place to put bee boxes on our land as I have a friend who is house sitting my bees while we are walking. It is just past the distilling garden along the fence line. For morning sun. Michelle knows where…. Thank you! So glad you are tending our home.

  2. Lea Earnheart

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE imagining all of you making this pilgrimage. A dear friend of ours, who is French, and lives part of the year in France, walked the route you are traveling a year ago. She arrived in Santiago on the Summer Solstice, a transformed person.
    I will be eager to hear of the journey as you can share it. GO TEAM!!!! xxoo Lea


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