Cloudy day in Logrono

We left Logrono with a crowd. Kind of felt like a hiking herd of folks at the race line and….go! There we were in the herd steadily falling behind the people while the city and its 5 kilometers of suburbs fell away from us. Things began to quiet down except for Daisy and I. Grumpy mama that I can be. I wanted her moving faster! The poor thing was doing her best and having to deal with me too…Darn. I had to change my ways. Two days was not enough rest. Daisy’s knee out of whack and swollen now, and exceptionally cold weather I believe surprised us both. I apologized and changed. Daisy changed herself upon meeting a woman from Argentina. This woman was walking with a day pack while her husband to weak to walk drove from one town to the next supporting her on her pilgrimage quest. She had surgery and could not carry any weight and so for her in her life her husband was a kind of angel. He found places to sleep and food and everything. All she had to do was walk.

This woman began asking Daisy lots of questions and commented, yes you are going to slow but how old are you? she had said, there are no twelve year olds or thirteen to even eighteen year olds. You – so far you are the only one I have met. This is a very hard thing but now that I know your age, you are not going to slow. You are going just right. But be careful! It isn’t the body that surrenders. Look at me. Look at these old people walking. It is the mind that surrenders. Don’t let your mind surrender. In fact, embrace your mind as a tool. A lovely tool that can help you get to where you joyfully want to go. This pilgrimage is hard. But you will make it. Do not fear or wonder about not making it. That is a waste of time. Daisy listened to this very soft spoken woman. Not a lecture of any kind but a kind voice of added strength to her journey.

Hours later, while walking, Daisy said, you know there really is nothing for me to go back to. All the fun things at school happened. I miss my friends and actually wish they were here with me – not the other way around-I with them back on Maui. And Daddy and Linden oh I miss them so much! But really they should join us. But really they should start in St. Jean. So perhaps I will have to wait—–but, but, but daddy! I miss daddy! He makes everything funner! And Linden he is so funny I would have to laugh down the trail.

Silence…..I’m glad I’m with you mama. Me too Daisy.

By the way, Daisy’ s knee/foot issue is a bit better. We hiked 13 miles into a beautiful hill town full of local activity and are surrounded by grape orchards. Today we walked by folks tip pruning the vines. Row after row after row…. Xo

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