23 may- El Burgo Ranero

What a wonderful evening after a very long day walking in the sunshine (yeah for sun!). Daisy is one hard cookie to get out of bed, and slow to start. Her blisters slow her down a lot. Yet we made it today. We also Made new friends in the bar at the edge of town. The bar woman was playing Nora Jones. I was so happy to hear a musician that I love….. We began talking. This lovely young woman from south Spain has walked the Camino two times. she met her husband from Croatia the first time walking and the second time they walked they chose this town which is actually off the Camino path to create a restaurant and eventually an Alburgee. They have an 8 month old baby one of two baby’s in town. For now they are happy. The town full of older folks gush over the babies. They are welcomed warmly. This old midevil town like many grew up around the Camino. At one point a large population of folks. Looking at the buildings post and beam and mudd filled then cobbcovered walls I would guess a couple of hundred years ago. Since the town has shrunk. Young people have moved to the cities. Most buildings are empty. Yet on a beautiful sunny day the old guys are out playing bot hie ball having a good ol time, and the women sit in their chairs out in the sun filled streets in groups chatting and laughing. There is a simple spark in this town. I would call it a happy spark based on connection.

Back at the Alburgee we sat in the sun and as we were on our way to the 24 hour vending machine we were called in by the old kind men to eat dinner. Everyone was herded into the front of the Alburgee and sung to and bells rang. We then sat down to a simple meal of paella bread and wine. The best part was that everyone had to recite a prayer in the languages represented this evening. After dinner everyone was to sing a song in their own language. It was really silly and fun. I sang row row row your boat.

We had very nice conversation with a couple who began their walk in Belgium. They created a fundraiser, for every kilometer each a dog food company gives them a euro which supports purchasing and training dogs to assist handicapped people. If you go to their link on facebook and press like they raise another Euro ( for each like). I want to help. Unfortunately my Facebook is blocked because I use it so little I guess… Apparently the link is this: Versele.Laga. Go to op web naar Santiago voor hachiko ( Dutch). Good luck for those who try! We are going to try it through Daisy’s Facebook. A wonderful and creative idea.

3 thoughts on “23 may- El Burgo Ranero

  1. Roland XM Donisi

    Hi Kelly, Daisy…After midnight in Olympia and just read your 4 new posts. The stories from the camino are vivid and compelling. My home town church in New York was dedicated to St Dominick, and only now do I know something of the story. Just spent the day in Seattle at the folklife festival – contra dancing and chanty singing. Via con los diosis, santas y alma de naturaleza ! Nos vemos Rolando

  2. froghill1103

    Wow! You are such awesome, determined and insightful people! I’m so proud to be your fiancé, Kelley, and father, Daisy. Miss you so much! Carry on! Keep posting these great posts when you can. Everyone is asking after you!

    For the sake of others go to: http://www.versele-laga.com/compostella/ for the service dog fundraiser.

    The e-mail notifications don’t seem to be working. I think you may need to approve those who want to follow your blog somewhere inside your admin panel . . . . Love, love and more love!

  3. Leslie Leclerc

    Mil bendiciones para ambas Kelley y Daisy. Estoy tan orgullosa de ustedes. Son mujeres muy poderosas fsicamente, mentalmente y espiritualmente. Oro por nuevas fuerzas para con ustedes.

    Tons of blessings to both of you. I am very proud of you. You are brave and powerful women. You are physically, mentally and spiritually ready. I pray for new super natural strength for both of you. Besos y abrazos Leslie L.



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