We made it this far!
We  have walked 44.5 miles. And today we walked 3 miles of the total quoted.  Last night we stayed in a Church built in the 12 century.  I felt it as a holy place before I even walked in…..
Ok, I am crazy, but I had an experience.  Kind of funny,….. I will swear and cross my heart to the truth of what I herd…. Goes like this….

I’m walking or shall I say limp or stumble down the trail. (My foot injury is bad and yes I will make it.). The land scape is both wild and historically domesticated.  Old apple trees along grown over edges of fields, a forest of Beech, chestnut, maple, alder. Older.  Lots of early wild flowers, violet, Lilly of the valley dandelion,nettle, dock (oh I could go off on the plants….I love them so much) old stone structures….any way were walking slowly when I hear a bird say, “we have a problemo they are moving to slow- o.”  There is a conversation with the birds and something else, a nature being perhaps.  I here the birds say “we will go ahead and clear the way but if they can, speed them (us) up!”  I sped us up and soon then Daisy sped us up even more….  About an hour and a half later we arrive into the town of Arres.  We had just crossed this vey long old stone, Roman made bridge, set our packs in front of the Alburgee (a pilgrims hostel) when the door automatically opens.  A monk greets us and right then a bird bursts out this amaizing song and it begins to rain, again. I felt as if our arrival was announced.  I thanked the birds and other nature beings for what ever guidance we might be receiving. Mucho Grasias!

This old Alburgee has been the first place I have felt this sense of holy connection to place, land, soul and guardianship.  I can appreciate Christianity and my practice is different.  But this place….I can pray here.  I can resonate to this old church and little town landscape.  It installs this wordless feeling that I associate with reverence.  

In the morning, Daisy and I walk into Pampalona.  Walking slowly. Only 3 easy miles.  We find a cafe with wifi.  Only the wifi does not work…again… I have my first coffee, delicious and Daisy has a cup of cocoa that looks like hot chocolate pudding.  She loves it! We then get in line to sign into the Santa Maria Auburgee located in the heart of Pampalona.  A day of rest…perhaps…or taking care of things.  Washing laundry, mailing back to Maui layers we do not need, therefore significantly lightening our packs.  Finding the post office which was a huge learning curve, going to the pharmacy and buying….drugs! I am the owner of ibprophen, some kind of leg salve for shin splints and blister salve.  Daisy is much to tired to explore this historic city.  She just needs “homey” time. We return to the Auburgee and Daisy cooks for us chicken soup with beans and potatoes.  I do the dishes.  It is here in the kitchen in the Auburgee  of 110 bed that we run into an older Brazilian couple who informed us that the woman who was annoyed with us for not pushing into Pamplona ( she did not like that we did not go the distance from larasona and stopped In Arres) developed terrible shin splints and had to take the bus home (only 3 mile difference but a tired body and 3 additional miles can be hard on ones body)  I met a young woman today who also has to go home from an injury and I say to Daisy, see how good your doing?  This Camino is a demanding teacher and so far you have made it this far.  There is no such thing as perfect.  We don’t know if we are going to make it, but let us hold the intention that we will.  There are so many  walkers and most are in pain.  Most are hobbling like ourselves.  Yet there is this special commitment to move forward and everyone is supportive no matter their temperament.  Our newly made friends Michael and Anne may also have to stop.  Tomarrow Anne goes to the doctor.  I pray for good sound healing acceptance for what ever the outcome might be and optimism for possibility – what ever that could look like even if the Camino is not part of it.  As an industrialized culture we set our “eyes on the prize” rather than the process.  There are those things that “teach”  by not making it. A much harder lesson sometimes. 

We have made it this far and will walk at least 5 kilometers Tomarrow or onward.  Tomarrow is supposed to be sunny!  Hurray!  Perhaps that will lift us. I have come to realize through all of this that we are on the Camino.  A kind of flowing energetic river.  Though we will see many sights we are in a flow that will guide our experience not the “sight seeing” as a could or a should but a part of what will at times be part of the adventure and other times not part of the adventure.  Pamplona was one of these places.  I was excited to walk into this city and see the sights of this amaizing place.  We have walked the winding streets but that is all and Tomarrow we move onward with what I feel to be relief.  There’s this song:

“the river is flowing, flowing and growing, the river is flowing down to the sea.  Mother carry me a child I will always be, mother carry me down to the sea”

Help us to stay in the flow of the Camino.  We need all the help we can get.  Why this is such hard work I do not understand especially as an accomplished hiker/backpacker, but it is.  My prayer is to lighten Daisy’s spirit.  Light her up, get her strong and help her find that sweet rugged macho quality that can be so helpful in these kinds of situations.  Give her confidence. Help her to look forward rather than to spend so much time missing all her friends and family.  Missing people makes your energy sticky.  Help her cleanse gently.  Help her to see that her growing into this experience is a gift to all her friends and family.

Ashe. Xoxo,

18 thoughts on “Pamplona

  1. Kira

    Simply amazing!! Chicken skin!! Sending sooou much love , prayers and Reiki healing energy if you wish!!!!
    Love, Kira and family:)

  2. Leontina

    Breakfast with good bread and godly chutney and reading your posts,my brave friends!i can feel your strong and exhausted spirits and hope for the path lightening your souls up with birdsongs and spring blessings!Daisy,I am in awe of you. It does not matter how far you get mileage wise ,you are an incredible being braving this path ! What a learning curve….may your feet carry you well. I remember my first chocolade pudding like hot cacao that I drank 30 years ago at a small(3 chairs)cafe on the platform of a tiny train station in Portugal….Bliss!!! May every day bring these precious moments of bliss to you both.

  3. Alan Brisley

    Wow! So amazing you two both are. I am teary missing you both so much right now and proud and so relieved to hear some real news! I love your writing, Kelley. It takes me there. More please. I know that may be a lot to ask under your circumstances. Tons of love and prayers coming your way from me!

  4. Wendi and Carver Glomb

    Aloha Kelley and Daisy,
    You girls are amazing!!!
    Sending Love and Strength!!!
    Xo Wendi Glomb

    Good job so far Daisy! Keep on keeping on and enjoy every step! Miss ya! Carver Glomb

  5. suzannefrew

    Kelly, I’m proud of you. Of you both. The Camino is the rugged teacher. And has been for centuries. Of every ache. Heartache. And missing friend moment. The birds, the monks, the church, the rain, the pain. Greedy old ladies, the exquisite landscapes and new friends. All teachers that none of us will ever know, ever experience or ever fully appreciate, only you and Daisy.
    Whether your walk last a few days or a few weeks, it is how it’s supposed to be. It just is. I hope you can breathe deeply enough to continue listening and relish those sacred, spiritual moments. And hold your truth.
    Just know that your virtual “support crew” is with you, every step of the way, and will welcome you home with open arms, when it’s time. Blessings…xo Suz

  6. andrea

    What courage you both have! Love reading about the birds guiding your way! I think there is a book in your future! Sending you wings on your heels! love to you both! Andrea

  7. Marc Weinblatt

    Hi Daisy and Kelly. Just found out about your journey. Awesome!!! Wish we could join you. (Brian Rohr did this trip twice in years past.) I’ll make sure Orion sees this when he wakes up too. Will think of you every day. Big love to you both. Marc

  8. Michael

    Seattle greetings, K&D.

    Be sure to rest when needed, and to listen to your bods, so you can be open to “hearing” the route. Loooved the tale about the birds guiding your way, and that other hikers can be guardians. Nice.

  9. Mia

    Wow! What an amazing life-changing experience! Thank you for the fun and colorful updates. Best of everything to you both as your adventure continues!! Aloha, Mia, Steve, Dax and Kian

  10. Nadia Wolf

    Aloha, ladies. Wow, what a journey. I love the blogging in…very real. Helps me visualize the experience. I am glad that you are able to see all the depth and beauty in this world, in each of our journeys….it’s easier to feel the depth of being a human when everything is so new and raw and miraculous. I would like to be a pilgrim there although feels a bit tough to sleep with so many others. I’m such a princess and the pea when it comes to sleeping…but maybe with exhaustion would come the release. Please give our love to Daisy. We have thought about her a lot as we miss here here doing the fun Maui things in front of us – somewhat mundane compared to the Camino but really just as “real” if one’s looking with the right eyes…
    Sophi is now finally 12…happy to be growing up but wishing there would be some elevation in height as well as years. Love to you all, and may your deep inner strength allow for more endurance in the moments when you need it the most.
    Love, Nadia from the land of aloha

  11. Marianne

    saying hello to you both as spirit…Daisy is quick to receive a hello and shift into softness
    love to both of you

  12. Tami Pokorny

    Hi Kelly and Daisy, It’s wonderful you’re taking time to have this fabulous adventure together. I’m with you in spirit definitely! Big hugs to you both. I hope this latest stretch is treating you right and your feet are growing happier by the day as they acclimatize to this new routine. Looking forward to your next post! We are good here – apple trees are in bloom; waiting for lambs. 5 baby turkeys. Spring soccer ended today with Jack playing his first varsity game – alas they didn’t win but it was a good show. Hugs all around.

  13. Jenny-Li

    What an amazing journey! We hope your poor battered feet are feeling better – recommend hot foot baths along with the massages- and adding some yummy essential oils if you can.
    Lots of love from Leo&Jenny-Li

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    1. kelleyjanes Post author

      Greetings! Please send me a link to your site. It would be fun to follow you, who has graciously followed my daughter and I. Also it looks like my family: daughter, son and husband might walk the coastal route this summer. Letting go of “Shoulds” and saying yes to the call of walking these pilgrim routes. Blessings on your adventures. Kelley


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