The pickpocket

Licking the Eiffel Tower - for NariraAmaizing Walking along the river Rhine

We are here in Paris recovering from  all night flights and a 12 hour time change.  Wow! We made it! Yesturday was our first real day walking this gorgeous City where sidewalks are full of people, brasseries (cafes) spill onto sidewalks with tables and chairs that the pedestrian has to walk around, lots of electric bicycles, and of course there is a fantastic underground. Technically this city is fairly easy to navigate however, I am experiencing the learning curve, grateful for maps to get around these narrow winding streets. So much fun!

So….. our first “real hour” in Paris walking along the River Rhine, On our way towards the Eiffel Tower when two young men begin hassling us in a different language. They were Persistent and moving into our body space. One man tried to reach in my purse. I blocked him & said something like no way! He promptly gave up on me. Meanwhile the other young man reached in Daisy’s pocket and took her phone. Daisy grabbed her phone right out of his hands and said give me my phone! The kid left running. Yeah Daisy! She has some tough wits about her! Not a fun experience but I pointed out to my shaking daughter that really that was a fantastic learning curve! First, nothing was lost and we are safe. Second, daisy got to see how she responded in a tough situation and knows what to do now and third, we are more vigilant. So perhaps we are lucky for the experience.

Lastly- I’m having a learning curve with blogging on the iPad while accessing free wifi. Lots of technical difficulties. Xoxo

8 thoughts on “The pickpocket

  1. Carrie

    What an adventurous way to start your trip!!! Well done Mama and Daisy! We are loving the pictures of Paris! Nadira is so happy that you were able to ” lick the Eiffel Tower” for her!!! Xx

  2. Kira

    Great to hear from you! Glad you are safe and sound and sharing your adventures!!i live hearing and seeing your experiences- thanx for this:) love and blessing as the learning, beauty and fun unfolds!!

  3. Leslie Leclerc

    I wanted Kelly to know- What a wonderful mother she is! WOW, I wish I could be there. May you and Daisy have a wonderful and safe adventure.
    I have my collegue friend (journalist) Maria Cicuendez’s phone for you. She is also wonderful reiki master. She is from Madrid, here is her mobile # 34 626 65 24 50
    Sending you both blessings and super natural forces from above.

  4. Alan Brisley

    Love you both and miss you! Great to see you got the blog thing to work! Yeah Daisy! You did better than I in your first pickpocket experience. Hope it’s the last! Pappa


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